I put a spell on you/2010


The collection was born with the desire to explore the weird, and mysterious universe of sorcery. Inspired by the witchcraft Magdalena Brozda was trying to put a spell on her clothes, mostly by the experimental treatment of the fabrics like: destruction, high temperature twisting, folding, extension, superposition, hand-coloration, etc. Suddenly the cloth seems to be in a state of enhancement, and it starts to bother us with its bare, raw aspect. To counterbalance this morbid universe she was also inspired by an another facet of the weirdness, by the world of childhood seen by certain artists ( like Loretta Lux, Henry Darger, Sarah Moon) which represents for her a mix of poetic and diabolic possession.

In a collection “I put a spell on you” there is a kind of duality between the morbid world of witchcraft and subtle delicacy of childhood.